What’s Remapping?

Remapping is the process that involves change within a vehicle engine control unit. Remapping is essentially tuning with the aim to improve a vehicles performance and the ability to provide more economy whilst increasing the longevity of the motor by reducing stress levels.

Factory software

From the factory each vehicle has a standard software installed however as each vehicle is different and this becomes more apparent as the vehicle ages. Also, the requirements of the driver can be far different to what the manufacturer had in mind.

Many new vehicles suffer from all kinds of issues straight from the production line from poor economy, flat spots and sporadic power so it’s essential that new software that’s tailored for the vehicle. The reason the manufacturer doesn’t undertake such an action is due to the time it takes to fine tune, experience and lack of technology to make this possible. Another hindering element is the current emissions as the ECU is geared to meet stringent requirements and although that sounds good it’s not with real world driving and vehicles can suffer from a multitude of issues from DPF to general carbon build up.

Remapping is not to be confused with any plug and play devices that are widely available on the market, our approach is truly unique and 100% bespoke, the results are nothing short of staggering.

The Remapping process

Before we start Remapping, we carry out a vehicle health check which is vital and in many cases overlooked, this ensures that the vehicle has a full bill of health and that the remapping process is carried out in optimum conditions, this unique yet meticulous method consistently generates exceptional results in a safe environment.

Peace of mind health check

Once the vehicle has passed our health check, we then connect our software and equipment. We carry out a diagnosis again to further instill peace of mind. Depending on what our customers requirements are we set out by downloading the current vehicle files for backup and then send to our software developer in Germany. The software developer is able to see the vehicles past driving history and can then create a custom file that’s suited to the vehicle and the customers driving characteristics. This process eliminates any flat sports and unbalanced power delivery, in most cases torque is significantly increased with a smooth effortless powerband all the way through the rev range making the vehicle less stressed, quieter smoother with increased economy.

Real world simulation

We then simulate the vehicle for it’s last tweaks on a rolling road at an undisclosed location. The rolling road will again highlight any issues and in some cases, files will need to be modified again although this is rare. Again, before the rolling road session we carry out a few tests including tyre pressures and each and every time a vehicle has one of our engineers standing alongside to monitor the session from start to finish. With our bespoke map we provide a before and after rolling road run showing the improvements.

The end result is a vehicle that drives more like a car with unparalleled refinement, don’t forget that these vehicles left the factory as commercial vehicles, so this transformation is one that never fails to impress.

We offer 3 remapping services:

Economy remap – A well seasoned map that we’ve used for many years, smooth power delivery, focused on economy with impressive results: £250+vat

Performance remap – This map has been created to increase torque and horsepower without pushing the boundaries. Experience instantaneous power delivery with consistent power through gear changes, perfect for towing: £250+vat

Bespoke map – If you’re looking for the best, look no further. This map is more of an investment as it’s truly tailored to the vehicle and our customers driving requirements: £399+vat (please allow 2 days for this service).

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of one of our bespoke Remaps, feel free to get in touch via our contact page or call a member of our team on 01271 817940.